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Sidenote (not part of letter)

This press release is a good example of the framing failures by Democrats. Instead of carefully opposing Obama's specific actions by explaining exactly why they prefer he take a different action and listing out the consequences of each choice, a number of Democratic Senators are joining in Republican language that implies that he's not trying hard. Meanwhile Republican Senators are unified, undercutting the country's interests to favor their own political pandering, implying that Obama is weak when he is merely not magically omnipotent -- the sanctions against Iran have been impressive, Obama (I'm think, not following super-close) has gathered more pressure than Bush did -- why aren't the Dems saying that!

Dear Senator Coons and Sean Coit,

I read your position paper on Iran. You say that "no deal is better than a bad deal." This sounds like a soundbite with lives on the line.

Please explain what you mean by no deal:
If Iran gives less than a "comprehensive agreement" to do everything we want, we should go to war with them? What else will happen if the US refuses to go along with the strongest deal Obama can get Iran or our allies to agree with?

I am upset twice:

First, I suspect that Obama is doing all that is possible to stop Iran from getting weapons that we were able to build in 1945, in a world where we are not omnipotent. This bill seems nearly guaranteed to weaken world cooperation on sanctions; if we won't accept a deal that our allies accept, how do we keep Iran isolated? I hope you will explain further. It seems like an attack on Obama rather than a real proposal, a complaint that he can't single-handedly give us a perfect, cozy world.

Second, and more personally, I found your position disingenuous. If you mean you want Iran to "dismantle any capacity to develop and build a nuclear weapon in the future" OR WE WILL SEND OUR KIDS TO FIGHT A WAR, then say it.

"I will continue urging the Administration to push for the strongest possible deal that protects the United States, Israel, and the international community.”
Well, of course. Statements like this belong in the mouths of people who want to see Obama fail, in that they seem to imply (but don't say) that Obama is doing something else than pushing for the strongest possible deal. Do you seriously think the Administration is doing something different than this? If so, please say it in clear language, but do not sign on to language that implies it. Many many lives are on the line, are you saying we should go to war? What is the option you are proposing, besides implicitly undercutting the President?

I'm not such a party loyalist that I would ask you not to stand against the President if he were doing something wrong, but I would ask and do ask that you never do so with undercutting statements. If you think Obama is not pushing for the strongest possible deal, I want to hear exactly what he is doing wrong in clear terms.

Stephen Cataldo


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