Asking questions before seeking a web designer / developer

[Oriented for smaller projects such as for nonprofits, for example when putting out requests for a web developer recommendation on a nonprofit mailing list.]

Is this a simple brochure site, perhaps Wordpress? Or do you need functionality (client sign-in, integration with constituent management, community interactivity, etc) that might call for a more complex CMS (and a bigger budget), perhaps Drupal -- and perhaps a specific experience like Salesforce integration would be helpful? Do you have examples of websites that are broadly similar?

What would you say are the primary skills you are looking for:

An artist, you need a beautiful site. Technologically they just need to be able to handle setting up Wordpress.
A computer programmer, your site will be dynamic and complex, maybe databases are involved.
A project manager or strategic planner who can coordinate your staff to help you figure out what you need your website to do, perhaps even navigating slightly divergent visions among different staff.
All of the above / likely a team?
Will they need a sales team and the ability plus budget-buffer to answer an RFP?

Do you want site architecture help, or do you know exactly what you want the site to do already? How important is long-term maintenance?

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