Nonprofit Web Development

Thoughts on developing websites especially for low-budget cause-oriented organizations.

Asking questions before seeking a web designer / developer

[Oriented for smaller projects such as for nonprofits, for example when putting out requests for a web developer recommendation on a nonprofit mailing list.]

Is this a simple brochure site, perhaps Wordpress? Or do you need functionality (client sign-in, integration with constituent management, community interactivity, etc) that might call for a more complex CMS (and a bigger budget), perhaps Drupal -- and perhaps a specific experience like Salesforce integration would be helpful? Do you have examples of websites that are broadly similar?

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Should small nonprofits use competitive RFPs?

Who is spending the time to answer a small nonprofit with a $5 or $10k RFP?

I'd love to hear comments from both developers and nonprofits who've worked together -- how have you started the relationship of working together, and how would you like to see it done?

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