Conservative Movements, Compassion Movements

What builds a conservative movement, one that supports the status quo? That's pretty easy, we see it all around us. Make people fearful, throw anger in the air, find issues to divide people into groups, make people feel like there is an "us" and "them."

What builds a progressive movement, or a radical movement, one full of compassion and decency? It's odd that I know so much more about building movements I hate, than about building movements that feel close to my heart.


We're here to make the world more beautiful, right? I'm better at analysis, what poets have inspired you? Help me find a few deeply radical to end this mapping with.

Compassion and Contradictions

Among the audiences and players, many don't support the goals of Occupy. I think it is tremendously useful to do two very separate exercises: to look for reasons why you should like some people who are today your opponents and find areas where you agree, and to look for contradictions within their movements.

Messages and Audiences

What messages work for each audience? What messages bolster our movement? What messages bolster our opponents, or move allies away from us?

Exercise goes here:

** Is this a third axis? Multiple messages? Eek, getting complex.

Step 1) List types of messages you can think of.
Step 2) Compare those against (groups of) audiences

Interests and Feelings of Each Audience

Where is each audience today? What does occupy do to each audiences heart, to their interests, to their power? Look especially for contradictions, for people whose interests match Occupy -- whose lives would be better if they voted with us, or who would be inspired and amazed if they joined us -- but who are turned off for non-core reasons:

** Create a view table that lets people edit their goals or audience, now with Interests and Feelings" It would be great to let people group their audiences.

(Do I show my answers or not, maybe not.)

Audiences, Players and Participants

Who do you see as the people you are talking to, or trying to defeat? What message does each need? Below is my current version, but write you yours (ideally begin writing before reading mine.) I describe each group, and sometimes add a few notes. Further exercises will expand on this.

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My version of some key players:

Hunting Corruption Together

Compromise and Action

How do we work with honest people across different ideologies? Get something done to help people? Without destroying the heart, the ability to speak truth to power, in our own movement? Here are some thoughts on very different things that could be called "compromise:"

The Goals and Movement Building

Honest conservatives and honest progressives are both very unhappy with America's politics right now. So our goals don't necessarily contradict across the board. Here are the goals, nonetheless, from the perspective of building a progressive Occupy movement:

Goals to Start the Journey

I think there is a general theme to goals that overlap Tea Party and Occupy, straight out of constitution: Separation of Powers, now including mega-corporations as well as government. Put aside the ideology, and both progressives and believers in competitive-capitalism need to break up the big conglomerations of power. Here are some specifics: