Magic Point

No movement can survive without vision: Let's fill the world with love and respect and beauty and solve racism and indigenous rights and homelessness.

No movement can survive without some tangible, pragmatic successes: let's reinstate Glass-Steagall and institute a 0.1% tax on financial transactions.

Can this be one movement, or will it split into two sides arguing about which it will be?

[v1] This map, I hope, indicates one movement despite two arrows. That people whose primary passions are vision or pragmatism stay allied, stay conscious of the need for both approaches, sign each others' petitions even we do have communities organizations that focus where they see fit.

[v2] The impetus for this site was partly a hope that the people who are inspired by successful pragmatic steps, and the people who are inspired by vision, will find ways to stay connected, to realize that both are needed even if few individuals have the time to be engaged on both sides. To get us together creating a deeper democracy -- on the streets, in person, involved -- takes a dream, while also doing more than dreaming.

The best exercise I've thought of so far is to have a group that is struggling break ideas by time: what can we get done in the next two years? Compare that with dreams for the next ten years or seven generations? I hope that that exercise makes obvious that both pieces are two sides of one effort.