Interests and Feelings of Each Audience

Where is each audience today? What does occupy do to each audiences heart, to their interests, to their power? Look especially for contradictions, for people whose interests match Occupy -- whose lives would be better if they voted with us, or who would be inspired and amazed if they joined us -- but who are turned off for non-core reasons:

** Create a view table that lets people edit their goals or audience, now with Interests and Feelings" It would be great to let people group their audiences.

(Do I show my answers or not, maybe not.)

  • Our movement. We've been inspired before, and single moms and burned out teachers only have so much energy. Their are still flashes of widespread feelings of community and hope; the Oakland Occupy has shown a path to movement destruction, where ordinary people who are burned out by the system can't feel at home.
  • Muddled middle. These folks like Occupy when it's beautiful and hate it when it's ugly. Easily bounced back and forth depending on who last has the microphone.
  • Authoritarian follower mindset. Occupy is in this demographic's interests more than my friends who go. They want to end corrupted-capitalism (word choice), too big to fail, government hand-outs to the rich, some of the foreclosures, and right now the mainstream Republicans are using vast resources to defeat popular Tea Party candidates. They hate the flavor and feelings of the protest. We like joy and chaos; they like order ... and charity, sanity, trains that run on time and schools that teach.
  • Authoritarian leaders and Opposing Elites. There are no enemies and we would be more effective if we filled our hearts with love, Gandhi got people like these to break down and give him hugs. I hate them for wrecking the country.
  • Support structure of opponents and elites. The super-rich don't exactly play the game for more money, they play it for the prestige that comes from money, they play to "win" which right now means money. Change the social rules, and billionaires start giving away billions. Politics and power are not the key here, mindset is.