Goals to Start the Journey

I think there is a general theme to goals that overlap Tea Party and Occupy, straight out of constitution: Separation of Powers, now including mega-corporations as well as government. Put aside the ideology, and both progressives and believers in competitive-capitalism need to break up the big conglomerations of power. Here are some specifics:

End Rigged Politics: Drive money out of politics

End Rigged Economics:

  • Emphasize productive work, not unproductive games. Financial Transactions Tax, aka "Robin Hood Tax"
  • Restore a Fair Day's Wage for a Fair Day's Work: restore progressive taxation to levels from when the US was thriving.



    Money makes money, and economics is rigged in favor of the wealthy. I want a home, good food, education and an occasional vacation. The builders, farmers, teachers and the person who cleans the room at the hotel I stay in are all willing to work, providing necessary work, and should all have good living wages without fear. The Wall Street millionaires aren't builders, teachers or farmers, they aren't providing the goods, why are they rich and the workers poor? We need to go back to the progressive tax rates that helped America thrive, during or before Reagan.

  • Restore competition.
    * The free-market capitalism that won the cold war is about competition. Mergers are anti-competitive.
    * Restore regulation where people are putting their risks on other people, or using control of information to bleed wealth they aren't earning.

Occupy Goals on a Local Level

live-in victories, as Occupy Our Homes, Take Back the Land and other networks are doing
Local::Municipal Banks

Occupy Goals Individual

Reinforce some of the traditional conservative ideals: the balance of abundance and consumption-sanity. McMansions were being bought by people now struggling with homelessness. They're neither completely innocent nor deserving to have their lives wrecked. We want to move the entire debate around economics: you should not live a life of high-risk economics unless you ask for it (right now, the only people who should be at high risk don't seem to be). Teachers and factory workers should not find their regular economic decisions leaving them rich nor destitute. There used to be conservatives who believed in living within your means, but getting paid decently and getting paid more as you produce more (we produce so much so easily in these days of high tech, but don't go home with what we produce.)

Deeper Goals and More Difficult Goals
Are we for real? If so, we need to work on anti-consumption. We need to invite conservative ideals that make sense, not just be a progressive movement, the values that came out of the Great Depression fit our current reality.