Audiences, Players and Participants

Who do you see as the people you are talking to, or trying to defeat? What message does each need? Below is my current version, but write you yours (ideally begin writing before reading mine.) I describe each group, and sometimes add a few notes. Further exercises will expand on this.

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My version of some key players:

  • Our movement. People who show up at least once to an Occupy event.
    • I might further subdivide this into "Diversity of Hearts" of all the wild diversities of philosophies who want to create a movement that itself creates a joyous and democratic world, and "We Have the Answer" being people who don't care that lots of loving people show up and are dismayed at the anger they find.
  • Muddled middle. Ordinary people being taken advantage of. Includes the 51st percent of the electorate, that voted for Carter, then Reagan. These folks like Occupy when it's beautiful and hate it when it's ugly.
  • Authoritarian follower mindset. A demographic that gives more to charity than my friends and tries to do the right thing, but likes authority so much that they are easily lined up to act against their own self interests. Tea Party foot soldiers. This includes the "Religious Right" who think Jesus hated the same people they do.
  • Authoritarian leaders. A handful of smart, nasty people who play on shame in their followers -- see Santorum's remarks about getting an education -- and fill that void with hate and scapegoats -- immigrants, gays.
  • Opposing elites, Wall Street, many politicians. People who are rich and are acting in their own interests against the rest of society. They tend to be in charge, but not always, and do fight amongst themselves. The worst factions among the elites see the authoritarians as their junk-yard dogs, but the dogs are out of control.
  • Support structure of opponents and elites. The super-rich don't exactly play the game for more money, they play it for the prestige that comes from money, they play to "win" which right now means money. Change the social rules, and billionaires start giving away billions. Politics and power are not the key here, mindset is.