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Crying Wolf: things we have to deal with or we screw the next generation

There's often a low-quality debate about who's saying the sky is falling, who's crying wolf. So I'll just come out and put my predictions on the line, much of this long-running and coming out of the Paradigm Discussion Circle in the early 90's... two of my "future" predictions I think we're beginning to see now, we've got one foot over slow-fall cliffs in each case. These are the issues I'd cry wolf about the loudest:

Climate Change *A

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Greenest Font

Which font is the greenest? There are a surprising number of theories for such a small topic. I'll collect my notes here, please add your comments... or ideally home experiments!

The contenders:

  1. Century Gothic or Times New Roman
  2. EcoFont
  3. Any font that looks good at a small size

The issues

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