Occupy for the Other 99%: Exploring the idea-space of the Occupy Movement

Has the 1% earned its fortunes?
Are people just envious, are the economic elites earning their vastly increasing wealth or not?
Fairness and the 99%
Are the 99% asking for a hand-out, or fighting for what would be their fair share even according to capitalist values?
Exercise: Abundance and Austerity
We have more resources and capital then ever. Why aren't ordinary people living lives of abundance? What do you think?
A Voice
The 99% start listening to ourselves.
Listening to Pain
Stockholm Syndrome among the 99%. Why do we accept so little for so much?
Exercise: Choices moving forward
Keeping the movement democratic, sane and moving forward
Stop reading a blog and go to a farm occupation and meet people
Realism and Heart
Stop reading a blog and go to a farm occupation and meet people
Realism and Heart: Compromises
How do we make compromises that work for both the movement and the people we claim to be here to help?
Doing the Hard Stuff
Stop reading a blog and go to a farm occupation and meet people
What's Beautiful
We're here to make the world more beautiful, right? I'm better at analysis, what poets have inspired you? Help me find a few deeply radical to end this mapping with.


Who's Playing?
The audiences, players and participants that you want to reach, inspire or defeat.
Interests and Feelings
What is Occupy to each audience? Do our interests match theirs? Do they like the flavor of our protest?
Messages and Audiences
How do the different approaches of Occupy activism affect each audience?
Compassion and Contradictions
Where are we paying too little attention to the people who haven't joined us? Where are we seeing enemies where there aren't enemies? Where are we seeing omnipotent monolithic enemies where our opponents are ready to tear each other apart?
Occupy That Helps People
Review the ***
Practical Goals at the Start
What are demands Occupy can make, that will both help people today and help unstick the political system so we can move forward? What should honest members of the Tea Party and Occupy agree on, enough to force corrupt politicians to cave?
+ Compromise and action
Map #2
Next I want to design a map that makes sense for both Occupy and the Tea Party finding where to work together and where to keep screaming at each other.
Magic Point
I drew the Occupy movement branching: but an impetus for this site is finding a way for Occupy to envision a beautiful movement and take first steps on that path at the same time. How do you imagine building a leaderless movement that makes some finite progress this year while beginning deeper changes?
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