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Negative Equity Startup Model: Ideas are Cheap

There is more than one way to start a business

There is a common startup model. Find an idea that will make ten-times returns, build a team, pitch and hustle, get your angels, start collecting rounds of investment, pitch and hustle, get (and probably exaggerate) traction, go through many hurdles set by investors and perhaps, just perhaps, get quite rich. You hear it at countless hackathons.

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VerdantEvent Evolving Towards Team Formation

VerdantEvent is ready: our site donated to the Sustainable Meetings Conference does everything a normal conference website does plus some really cool additions of my own. Right now I'm looking for the early adopters who want greening and social-networking baked in to their user's web experience. Finding the early clients is of course hard: event planners only need a website every few years.

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Village Capital: Entrepreneurs Choosing Who To Fund

The Problem:

The typical start-up team with a great idea needs relatively small (

Village Capital's Solution:

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