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Your Rep and Who Owns Them

This page is prototyping for a Startup Weekend, just a sketch not a real thing:

The surveys show that almost all of us feel the US Congress is a mess. But district by district, we all love our congressperson and re-elect them. This page shows you who funds your congressperson:

Who sponsors my
Congressional Representative

Mackenzie Patterson
American Hospital As
Time Warner
Susman Godfrey Llp
Enter your zip code here
  • $14800 from Mackenzie Patterson Fuller
  • $12000 from American Hospital Assn
  • $12000 from Time Warner
  • $10500 from Susman Godfrey Llp
  • $10250 from Wells Fargo
  • $10000 from AFLAC Inc
  • $10000 from American Academy of Dermatol
  • $10000 from American Assn for Justice
  • $10000 from American Assn of Nurse Anest