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Letter to Senator Chris Coons

Stitching together our torn politics: news & politics website idea

Large-Scale Problem: Most people naturally read news streams they already agree with, but filter bubbles are making things much worse. Online news has been reinforcing our confirmation-bias: you sign up for blogs you agree with, Google learns what you like to click on and shows you even more. Many people (like me) get our news from Facebook feeds full of either liberal or conservative posts. We wind up both bored (reading too much we agree with) and angry, not understanding other viewpoints.

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Oakland Square -- proof, suggest, help me improve this flyer

Download first draft as PDF or doc -- edit, steal content, print and hand out my version or yours, send me improvements!

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The intended outcome of marketing fear

Today Seth Godin wrote:

Years ago, the authorities [that would be Bush, Cheney] decided that a key weapon in the war on terror (sic) would be to make people more afraid.

Two reasons for this: if you make potential bad guys afraid , they might not move up and graduate to become actual bad guys [make suicide bombers afraid?], and ... at least it looks like you were trying.

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September 12, 2001 and the decade after

Think back to September 12, 2001. We were in shock. The world was mourning with us. The world, for a moment, knew a bit more about how wrong war was. Remember the posts about Jews and Arabs pulling each other out of the chaos of the explosions -- how much we chose to bounce emails about positive stories to each other? Remember the news covering how someone from almost every nation on earth was murdered in the attack?

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