VerdantEvent Evolving Towards Team Formation

VerdantEvent is ready: our site donated to the Sustainable Meetings Conference does everything a normal conference website does plus some really cool additions of my own. Right now I'm looking for the early adopters who want greening and social-networking baked in to their user's web experience. Finding the early clients is of course hard: event planners only need a website every few years.

Meanwhile, live social gaming took off big time at the GMIC conference this year. I'm brainstorming with Mike ways to integrate team-building, even teaching team-building techniques, into conferences. This is a project we've both thought about in the past,

I'd love to find another partner, still. The main roles are a Drupal programmer or marketing/sales, which would let me cut back to doing one of those! A web designer with an eye for art would also be welcome part-time. I'm looking for real partners at the startup level; when we have money we'll hire or look for junior partners.

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