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Cognitive Politics published!

I've finished writing the book and now most of my blogging is about conversations across political divides. Please follow me there!

Four angles on Yom Kippur and American Jews' eyes on Israel

This Yom Kippur was the first that has felt meaningful since childhood. We shared a little, and mostly turned inwards, a small community on a quiet retreat in nature.

I haven’t felt comfortable in my Jewish community for a long time.

I grew up with Zionism and Judaism deeply entangled.
There was no way to differ on politics without hearing accusations of self-hating-Jew.

Negative Equity Startup Model: Ideas are Cheap

There is more than one way to start a business

There is a common startup model. Find an idea that will make ten-times returns, build a team, pitch and hustle, get your angels, start collecting rounds of investment, pitch and hustle, get (and probably exaggerate) traction, go through many hurdles set by investors and perhaps, just perhaps, get quite rich. You hear it at countless hackathons.

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Asking questions before seeking a web designer / developer

[Oriented for smaller projects such as for nonprofits, for example when putting out requests for a web developer recommendation on a nonprofit mailing list.]

Is this a simple brochure site, perhaps Wordpress? Or do you need functionality (client sign-in, integration with constituent management, community interactivity, etc) that might call for a more complex CMS (and a bigger budget), perhaps Drupal -- and perhaps a specific experience like Salesforce integration would be helpful? Do you have examples of websites that are broadly similar?

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Econ 101: Math meets People

People's Economics

Listen to United for a Fair Economy and it's completely obvious that we live in a world of abundance, in which ordinary people are completely ready to work to create more value than they need back, and poverty comes from unfair power of the elites over ordinary working people.

Mathematical Economics

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Stitching together our torn politics: news & politics website idea

Large-Scale Problem: Most people naturally read news streams they already agree with, but filter bubbles are making things much worse. Online news has been reinforcing our confirmation-bias: you sign up for blogs you agree with, Google learns what you like to click on and shows you even more. Many people (like me) get our news from Facebook feeds full of either liberal or conservative posts. We wind up both bored (reading too much we agree with) and angry, not understanding other viewpoints.

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Hot & Cool Resistance: Negotiating Past Window Breaking

There is a never-ending debate about “violence” in Oakland's Occupy movement that is wearing out the local Occupy movement. (“Violence” in quotes because usually the activities being talked about would be called minor vandalism, not violence, in other settings.) A vast amount of negotiating has gone on within Occupy, but there's been a real failure to find consensus around the “Diversity of Tactics” that includes occasional broken windows.

Oakland Square -- proof, suggest, help me improve this flyer

Download first draft as PDF or doc -- edit, steal content, print and hand out my version or yours, send me improvements!

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