Foul to the Left: Libya and

"Not One Dime"

This campaign deeply disturbs me. There may be (there are) other reasons to oppose any war, but this campaign comes across as callous. People who've stood up to a tyrant armed partly by our oil addiction are being slaughtered, and our headline is "not one dime?"

1. "At a time when tyrants are murdering civilians in numerous countries, why are we bombing Libya?" is nearly a joke, anyone can easily answer this, there is a resistance is on the border of overthrowing their tyrant at this moment, that has done much of the work and is merely asking for help against a military armed by our oil money who can likely be easily overthrown. I can list plenty of right-wing dictators we've supported -- and if you want to point out a few who we should cut off, maybe even leverage the growing confusion among conservatives grassroots who've come to believe that their side stands for democracy, I'd be all for that, but it's a crappy argument in regards to civilians being slaughtered in Libya.
2. "Is it just because John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Joe Lieberman went on TV to demand it?" The campaign feels like the reason we are opposing this broadly supported UN-approved campaign is not Gandhian but pure politics. If the politicians we didn't like were against the intervention, would we support it?

I hate it when Presidents Clinton or Obama cave in to political expediency instead of standing for progressive values. Now the "far left" is doing the same thing. With people's lives on the lines, my inbox is inundated with campaigns that come from political expediency rather than from the heart.

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