Condom Offsets

The Optimum Population Trust has joined the Carbon Offset world with PopOffsets, carbon offsetting at it's most offensive best. The cross-continental flight to one international conference might equal the entire lifetime CO2 impact of a poor Kenyan whose parents otherwise wouldn't have had access to a condom. So you go ahead and fly anyway, and a baby isn't born, and it all comes out equal, offset and neutral.

Most of the offensive sounding parts aren't real: OPT is helping people who want access to condoms to have them, not forcing anything on anyone, which tends to be empowering to women, which many, many studies indicate is the main key to solving more problems than you can shoot a gun at.

But it's flat-out creepy that you can Become 'carbon neutral' through our certification. One more conference, one less Kenyan kid, we're neutral.

It would be a great program if they talked about providing condoms as empowering struggling people and also helping the environment, instead of talking about your plane travel and population control. Can't we just donate what we can, instead of asking for 'carbon neutral' certifications?

To me this is the perfect case of carbon offsetting: showing it's efficiency and absurdity at the same time. The same oddities are present but less loud in other forms of offsetting. Loose use of carbon offsets to offset unnecessary waste is both unreal and ineffective: you, you are still burning that oil and no re-balancing is going to change it.


Any conferences offsetting travel with condoms?

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