The intended outcome of marketing fear

Today Seth Godin wrote:

Years ago, the authorities [that would be Bush, Cheney] decided that a key weapon in the war on terror (sic) would be to make people more afraid.

Two reasons for this: if you make potential bad guys afraid , they might not move up and graduate to become actual bad guys [make suicide bombers afraid?], and ... at least it looks like you were trying.

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King's Quote and bin Laden

There's a subtlety to MLK's quote that can easily be missed. If I understand his views correctly, he supported military resistance to Hitler, and I don't think it could be taken for granted that King would have opposed the focused attacks on bin Laden and al Queda. I think it is unhealthy to *rejoice* in his death, rather than to see it as a necessary evil: this is a spiritual perspective, not a statement on whether the military should have been used against these enemies.

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College kids screaming USA USA were 10 when the Towers fell

It's strange to think of being 10 years old when the towers fell, growing up in these strange times. I spent my pre-college years watching Reagan arm the Contras who were purposefully targeting medical workers, I'm not sure how people argue that that is better than targeting people who work in famous buildings. I wasn't predisposed to trust his next adventure.

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Foul to the Left: Libya and

"Not One Dime"

This campaign deeply disturbs me. There may be (there are) other reasons to oppose any war, but this campaign comes across as callous. People who've stood up to a tyrant armed partly by our oil addiction are being slaughtered, and our headline is "not one dime?"

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State of the Planet

I'm aiming to put large-scale thoughts about the planet in one place. This is very incomplete for now.


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VerdantEvent Evolving Towards Team Formation

VerdantEvent is ready: our site donated to the Sustainable Meetings Conference does everything a normal conference website does plus some really cool additions of my own. Right now I'm looking for the early adopters who want greening and social-networking baked in to their user's web experience. Finding the early clients is of course hard: event planners only need a website every few years.

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Village Capital: Entrepreneurs Choosing Who To Fund

The Problem:

The typical start-up team with a great idea needs relatively small (

Village Capital's Solution:

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September 12, 2001 and the decade after

Think back to September 12, 2001. We were in shock. The world was mourning with us. The world, for a moment, knew a bit more about how wrong war was. Remember the posts about Jews and Arabs pulling each other out of the chaos of the explosions -- how much we chose to bounce emails about positive stories to each other? Remember the news covering how someone from almost every nation on earth was murdered in the attack?

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Crying Wolf: things we have to deal with or we screw the next generation

There's often a low-quality debate about who's saying the sky is falling, who's crying wolf. So I'll just come out and put my predictions on the line, much of this long-running and coming out of the Paradigm Discussion Circle in the early 90's... two of my "future" predictions I think we're beginning to see now, we've got one foot over slow-fall cliffs in each case. These are the issues I'd cry wolf about the loudest:

Climate Change *A

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The ADL at Ground Zero

Background: The Anti-Defamation League has come out against a group of Muslims building a community center near Ground Zero: ADL Position.

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